ProtoQ AM1

Hybrid Manufacturing System

The AM1

The ProtoQ AM1 is a small-format hybrid manufacturing system which combines blown-powder directed energy deposition with CNC machining in a unified and cohesive system. The AM1 is highly adapted for the needs of materials research, component repair, tool and die modification, and more.

  • Fully hybrid manufacturing: additive and subtractive
  • Materials: titanium, steel, inconel, stainless, copper*, and aluminum*, and others
  • 2 hp 10,000 RPM BT30 spindle
  • 4 high-precision powder feeders (more upon request)
  • Programmable with industry-standard G-Code commands

*with AM1b (blue laser variant)

Fully Hybrid Manufacturing

The AM1 can create parts that simply cannot be made using conventional techniques. Our combined hybrid Directed Energy Deposition and CNC milling process can both add and remove material. Just one line of G-Code seamlessly switches the machine between additive and subtractive modes. And with 4 powder feeders standard, multi-material parts and functionally-graded materials are easily achievable with the AM1.


Spindle 2 hp 10,000 RPM BT30
Feed rates 300 in/min X & Y, 250 in/min Z
Work Envelope Subtractive 18" X, 11" Y, 16" Z
Work Envelope Additive 18" X, 11" Y, 16" Z
Work Envelope Hybrid 10" X, 10" Y, 16" Z
Cladding Head COAX 8, 9, or Application-Specific
Typical System Weight 3000 lb
Minimum System Footprint 9' x 14'
System Height 8'
Laser Power Up to 8 kW
Laser Type IR, green, blue
Power Requirements 50A 208V 3 Phase


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